A really short and sweet project made for P3 Swedish Radio.
Kodjo Akolor, the Swedish comedian and radio broadcaster, made a comedy sketch on live radio (together with Ayan Yamal) and wanted a video trailer to go with it.  I was tasked to create something with minimal resources in both time and budget. The end was a cel-animated logo and a hastily thrown-together trailer consisting of creative commons videos for comedic effect.

The video was overall well received on social media, although it was viewed as controversial by a few people, saying the logo and comedy sketch had a communist vibe.  
I intentionally started with the revolutionary "black power symbol", only to then twist the hand, revealing the "half-hour" part of the gag.  Adding another layer to it.   
The whole thing was all of us just having a bit of fun, really. 
I still enjoyed it quite a lot and, as such, figured it deserved a spot on my portfolio. 

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