Graphical elements for P3 Busringer,
 a Swedish prank-call show in podcast format.

The show in essence revolves around Johannes Cakar's prank-calling people and organizations.
My task was to support the show's social media team with animated graphical elements that worked along with an already established visual identity. Most notably the graphics were to be used in the making of trailers for episodes as well as funny outtakes from the show.
The tone was focusing on being fun rather than edgy, I was instantly reminded of the often colorful shows from the '90s. Shows such as Fresh Prince in Bel Air.

Image: Visual identity created by ROI for Sveriges radio. 
I was given free rein to experiment but also a very limited time to animate.
Seeing as the graphics were meant to be used on social platforms such as Tik-Tok, Instagram, and Youtube - it also meant a variety of formats. 
To save time, I ended up using a free 3D model of an old telephone.
I animated some squash and stretch in Cinema4D and then exported the PNG sequence into Photoshop where I rotoscoped the telephone into the hand-drawn look you see in the final edit.

I could have rendered a cel-shaded telephone directly from C4D but decided against it as I actually liked the hand-drawn esthetic.

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