With the release of Juan Havana's new album Rap City, I was asked by the man himself if I wanted to collaborate in creating a short promo video for one of the amazing tracks.
Free to pick whichever track I wanted to work with, I ended up choosing this absolute banger named Real Ones!

With a tight schedule, I ended up creating a seamless loop of the song with the amazing vocals of Ebrain.  I knew I wanted to use some form of kinetic typography but felt that it needed human touch to elevate the vocals which I found really bound the song together. 
Knowing full well that time was short and there was no way of videotaping Ebrain singing the chorus just for a promotional social media post. I ended up rotoscoping my own face singing the chorus. The tough part was making the lips look like they belonged to the singer herself, seeing as my lips look very different.

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