Art Direction - Samael Zelaya
Animation - Samael Zelaya, Karolin Gu, Christoffer Morales, Catalina Matamoros
Music: Juan Havana - Käkarnas Balett
Music Prod: Masse Salazar

Juan Havana, a Swedish rapper and hiphop producer (Advance Patrol) approached me and asked if I'd be interested in collaborating doing visuals again. Juan was going to start doing his own solo tracks and was about to release Käkarnas Balett in the coming weeks. His thoughts were something static, like a cool designed promotional poster or something along those lines, we were short on time, after all.

My idea, on the other hand,  was to bring together a band of coolcat animators and have each contribute with a short loop in our style, creating a grid of black and white animations. That way we could time it to a short preview sample of the music track and share it on social media for everyone to have a listen. In turn, if we made it in the 9x16 format it would conform with Spotify's Canvas standards. That way we have both a promo video and a Spotify canvas background in one go!

Needless to say he loved the idea and I set out to work!
1x1 Artwork and 16x9 Styleframes. By making the squares 1x1 you could create different formats easily.
Example render I made for Juan and all collaborators. I created a 1x1 composition of 92 frames with opening/closing doors, making it possible to animate without the need to make a seamless loop of the artwork. This would put less limitations on the animators, letting them create freely. 

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